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Fiberglass Cloth

Fiberglass Cloth
3310G Fiberglass Cloth

Minseal fiberglass cloth is a woven fabric manufactured from texturized fiberglass yarn. The texturization provide enhanced insulation property. Minseal fiberglass cloth is an ideal material for various thermal and acoustic insulation, high temperature seal and protection.

Characteristics and Specs

    • Heat, spark and flame resistant, temperature rating 1000°F
    • Chemical resistant
    • Low thermal conductivity
    • High tensile strength, no stretch or shrink
    • High dielectric strength

Typical Applications:

Welding blankets, safety blankets, curtains, expansion joints, protective and insulation covers or shields.

Commonly Used Fiberglass Cloth Styles:

3310G Fiberglass Cloth, Standard Industrial Grade

3310W Fiberglass Cloth, Stainless Wire Inserted

Variants and Sizes:

Also available: Heat treated, PTFE Coated, Silicone Coated, Vermiculite Coated; Plain Weave(standard), Twill or Satin Weave(optional)

Commonly Used Fiberglass Cloth Sizes
Item Code Weight Thickness Width Length
3310G-13D015 13 oz 018" 40" or 60" 50 Yard
3310G-18D038 18 oz 1/32" 40" or 60" 50 Yard
3310G-24D052 24 oz 052" 40" or 60" 50 Yard
3310G-30D065 30 oz 1/16" 40" or 60" 50 Yard
3310G-53D110 53 oz 1/8" 40" or 60" 50 Yard
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