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Fiberglass Textile Products

Fiberglass Textile Products

Minseal fiberglass textile products are manufactured from high temperature texturized fiberglass continuous filament yarns. All products are textured to have excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties for applications in high temperature environment. The product line includes a variety of product families: fiberglass cloth, tape, ropes, braids, tubing, etc.

Main Characteristics and Specs

•   Heat, spark and flame resistant, temperature rating 1000°F
•   Chemical resistant
•   Low thermal conductivity
•   High tensile strength, no stretch or shrink
•   High dielectric strength

Typical Applications

    • High temperature insulation seals and gaskets
    • Protective blankets, curtains, covers, pads and wrapping
    • Expansion joint fabric, safety clothing
Fiberglass Cloth

Product Families

Fiberglass Cloth

Available in plain weave or other weave patterns, commonly used fabric weight from 13 oz to 60 oz and thickness 1/32" to 1/8"

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Fiberglass Tape

Fiberglass Tape

Available in Standard Styles, Drop-warp Style(Bolt-hole), and Self Adhesive Style, thickness 1/16", 1/8" and 1/4"

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Fiberglass Rope and Braids

Fiberglass Rope and Braid

Available in twisted styles, round braid, square braid...

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